arc testing arc galegy
arc testing arc galegy

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Arc Testing


Standard arc testing to ASTM F1959, F1891, F2178, F877, F2621, F2676, F2675 and IEC 61482-1-1

Research arc testing

Incident replication arc testing


Arc Flash Calculations


Engineerong studies and arc flash calculations using software packegies and standalone calculatiors.


Electric Arc Properties Training Courses


Short (1-2 hour) courses with focuse on electric arc behaviour and different types of electric arc. Exesting test metiod: pluses and minuses. Unique photo and video materials.

Use it stand alone or weave it into your electrical safety thraing.


Electric Arc Photo and video Materials


Recorded during recearch arc testign unique photo and video materials are available for youe website, training courses, broushures, etc.  


Arc Flash Incident Investigation


Arc configuration and arc directionality analysis based on different types od electric arc. Parameters to concider: system voltage, open air or enclosed, live and grounded conductors geometry.  


Arc Flash and Arc Flash Test Methods Consulting 


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